Model: Rustam30x37
Overall Dimensions :
Length 4720 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 2500 mm
Threshing Drum :
Width (Diameter) 915 mm
Length 750 mm
No. of Round (Cutting) Blades Three
Sheet Thickness (Curved Part) 4mm
Sheet Thickness (Side Walls) 3mm
General Specifications:
Fly Wheel Weight 150 kg
Cleaning System Centrifugal Blower, Filter Fan & Oscillatory Screen
Number of Suction (Centrifugal) Blowers Two
Speed ofSuction (Centrifugal) Blowers Variable (700 Rpm - 950 Rpm)
Number of Filter Fan One ( Air Flow Adjustable)
Crop Feeding Mode 1. Through Conveyor
2. Through Hopper
Kutty Facility Available
Main Shaft Diameter 75 mm
Thresher Weight (Approx.) 1450 kg
Threshing Capacity 1 Acre / hour (approx.)
Number of Transmission joints Four
Transmission Control Through Gear
Required Minimum Input Power 25 hp
Efficiency (%) 99.90%
Cleaning > 97%
Breakage Almost Nil
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